Waterproofing your terrace or solarium?

Norwegian product which even make swimming pools  100% waterproof.

Also ideal for waterproofing terraces, etc.

Prevent water damage during a gota fría and inform here how this works.

Gota Fría strikes in Alicante with the result of countless leaks.
Are you also a victim of leaks through your roof terrace or elsewhere?
CostaBlancaSchilders has the perfect solution for you to prevent this at the next gota fría.
We use a Norwegian product that even makes swimming pools waterproof. Can also be used on a roof terrace or roof tiles to prevent a subsequent leak.This product is environmentally friendly and invisible. Once applied to a stony surface, it penetrates this surface up to about 8 cm or 3 inches, then it connects with the moisture always present in the stone and forms an impenetrable crystal layer. This product is used worldwide in the concrete renovation works, and even the concrete pillars of drilling rigs in the Norwegian Sea are made waterproof with this product. 15 years guarantee.

Do you want to sell your property?

There is a lot of properties on the market at the moment, so your property must stand out to be sold faster.

It's proven that a property that has just been painted sells a lot easier, and a lot faster.
Also it will increase the selling price because there is no deferred maintenance for the buying party.

Curious? Ask information by email or phone about the opportunities we can offer.
We deliver customization, so ask for a free, no obligation quote.
So also parts of the house that needs a brush up.

All works  5  to 15 years guarantee, and now also  a 5 years free maintenance contract.
Warranty and maintenance is transferable to new owner.

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